A Loving Heart


“Everything in life is connected, perhaps you may not see it now from a bumblebee pollinating a flower, to a loving boy giving flowers to a girl or vice versa. Thus, every decision has a critical importance in our lives and thus it’s our duty to extract what we know and use it for better. It all comes full circle, and eventually a result will show.”

D. Bethancourt

When I look into a soldier’s eyes  regardless of his or her’s allegiance to a country, I often wonder the pain he, she or perhaps transgender had to go through in order to do what was believed as right.  I’m speaking mainly to those who had to battle on the front lines and make the most terrifying decisions, to save a life or take one. In hindsight, it may be a simple answer at first, but like everyone who lives with demons, every decision comes with a cost. I think about these things whenever I go to a memorial or visit a tombstone, and I ask myself, “what could I have done to prevent this?” and let alone, “was there a way I could’ve brought everyone back home?”  There is a lesson everyone could take from a soldier’s tale, because there is a battle everyone faces at home and it’s the one in the mirror. An everyday person has the opportunity to live whatever life they wishfully portray to exist. We can sit here and bullshit and say, “this person has it all, thus they made it.” “They had this great life here and they were blessed with everything”, but I assure you, I can take a look at Mr. Six Rings in Boston and find those statements simply are not the case. However, what holds a person back from taking that next step are those demons that reside in our heart. And trust me, I’ve met many of them and they are difficult to slay. In a twist, my demons don’t result from my life but from the woman I truly love and cherish for being in life. I understand we can’t control what we don’t have control over, but similar to a soldier, I can’t help but wonder if I could have prevented someone from being hurt. Everyone of the woman I respect and honor in my life, their innocence has been violated by some sick individual, and their stories all had me question, “what would have happened if I were there?” Whether it be sick kids running a train on a girl in her own home, to a pastor “absolving” his sins through a innocent girl finding her way, to even the girl who saved my life, and imagining her locked in a bathroom with a psycho and at the end of it all, hearing that same man say, “because you deserved it.”  It truly cuts into your heart, and for me personally, makes me wish everyday I can take that pain away and or instead give that burden to me. Just like that soldier who remembered how he pulled that trigger, or how he lost his comrade that day, I remember exactly how I felt when I heard those stories from those three individual woman. They live inside of me, but they prompt me to be a hero, to set the example, every fucking day. It may not be perfect, but I’ll never ever in my fucking life decide to give up, or throw it all away because I know all too well of the feeling of never showing up. I may not be able to change the past, but I know damn well I can lead those into a right mindset if I try, because trying is better than doing nothing at all. Some of you today need to ask yourself, what’s holding you back? What is preventing you from getting to where you want to go? And don’t use that excuse that life is not worth living because of circumstance, your in the fucking moment! Take it from somebody who wanted to kill himself everyday and from someone who was never supposed to be here. It is worth living, you just have to look around because there is something there you want, you just haven’t found it or refuse to believe it’s possible. Give yourself the time to find it. Everyday I walk the Earth, I observe my surroundings from the hispanics who turned cartel because it’s all they had left, to my black brethren who many turned to the streets because the system already counted them out, and even to my white folk who just do what they can to protect what they fought for. Or even the Asians and Indians who struggle through the most menial of jobs to live a life. I ask myself, “what could I do so that years from now I can give them the opportunity of lifetime?” so that they can excel not only for themselves but pass it on to those in similar shoes. It all matters, because I promise you someone is looking to you to set the tone and rise from the tragedies we all suffer from and create a new story. What sacrifice are you willing to endure from your struggle and even better what decision are you willing to commit to in order to be the hero everybody needs?

The Pinnacle of Success

A football coach once told me “it’s not about you, it’s about the man beside you.” Simple words with a powerful meaning that we often take for granted. Humanity is at a critical juncture once again, where every action sways the course of the human race. However, we must follow a path of positivity and empathy rather than resort toward the temptation of negativity.

In life, as a community we become so self-absorbed in our trials and tribulations that we seldom realize there is a bigger picture. An image hindering a key to achieving sustainability and peace for the world. This idea is called love. The power to sacrifice for the betterment of others. The initiative to provide care and inflict happiness upon another. The will and commitment to make someone’s life better. We underestimate the concept, not realizing that it’s not about ourselves, but about each other.

Being there for someone, it speaks volumes, everyone knows this. We do this act for the ones we love everyday, so why can’t we transcend it down to the 7.5 billion that live here today? There’s no excuse. Everyday we live we have one opportunity to tell our legacy, so why waste it on senseless violence? Why hold a grudge upon someone who has a different opinion from the rest of the world? Instead of bearing our arms, we need to pursue other avenues of addressing the world’s greatest issues. The hatred and resentment we have on each other must be extinguished. It’s not productive and benefits only our chances to collapse,  eradicate and destroy everything we’ve ever achieved, and even eclipse our future. We allow innocent men and women to give up their existence, only for them to realize in the end that it’s not worth it. Fighting fire with fire only to more cataclysm for even more to be set ablaze. So what must change?

We must learn from our mistakes and repair the fractured system. A loss occurs every once in awhile but it’s never certain until you admit defeat to it. We must learn to love our failures and bridge a gap to amending a non fulfillment. Often times we leave many of our own in woe, having them suffer in the most horrendous conditions, and never taking any action to offer a helping hand. However, if we were in their shoes we’d pray that a savior could assist us in anyway to cleanse our circumstances. Well anyone can be a savior if you love your own. Take a risk each day to make someone’s life better. Do the little things like pick up litter, have manners, and show your affection to those close to you. Do the big things, inspire a person to succeed, change someone’s life for the better, and save someone’s life. Just do something because doing something is better than doing nothing at all.

That’s what love is and it’s a trend that needs to be brought back into the world. In the end, everyone just wants to smile, why can’t we accomplish that? Love isn’t about giving something and expecting a reward. It’s about committing an action and knowing that you took a person’s life into perspective rather than your own. Realize that this is “bigger than me” and I guarantee peace will come sooner than expected, period.